Some Of My Top Priorities For Sarasota County

Fight Tax Increases. Cut Government Spending!

You worked hard for your money and the government should take as little of that money as possible in order to get the job done.

I will work to be a good steward of taxypayer dollars by fighting to defeat any effort to increase taxes, look for ways to cut government spending, and secure the greatest return on every dollar spent.

Making Sarasota County The #1 Place For Jobs!

We cannot stop creating a business friendly local economy until every resident of Sarasota County has the opportunity to secure a good paying job. 

I will work towards that goal by cutting unnecessary regulations and making Sarasota County the top place for new businesses to reloate to and existing businesses to expand their operations.

Keeping Sarasota County Safe By Supporting Our Sheriff!

From keeping our local crime rate low to deporting over 460 criminal illegal aliens, our Sheriff has done an outstanding job of keeping our community safe.

I will continue to support our Sheriff by ensuring that he has every resource that he needs tokeep criminals off our streets, continue deporting criminal illegal aliens, and everything else needed to keep our citizens safe. Also, I will fight to block any effort by our county or any of our individual cities to become sanctuary cities. 

Clean Water

Our enviornment, local economy, and quality life depends on clean water. From human health to the enviornment, we must ensure that our water is not polluted.

I will fight to protect clean water by modernizing our stormwater system. I know,  I know, stormwater systems aren’t a sexy campaign topic, but it’s a vital local action that we can take to treat human generated contaminated water before it is released into our rivers, bays, and gulf. 

Red Tide

The Red Tide has been horrific this year. From empty hotel rooms to dead turtles, red tide is a vivid reminder of just how much our lives & local economy depend on our enviornment.

I will leverage my contacts at the state and federal level to secure full support for our local world-renowned scientists at MOTE Marine Labratory, who are at the forefront of research into the causes, prevention and treatment of Red Tide. 

Parks, Libraries & Families

Sarasota County is fortunate to have a countless number of amazing parks, playgrounds, and libraries throughout our community.

I will support securing adequate funding our local libraries, parks and playgrounds and ensure that we are maximizing our return on every dollar spent. I will also look at all projects in this area through the lense of a working and growing family to ensure that their needs are addressed.  

Smart Growth

From new homes housing new residences to new office parks housing growing businesses, development is a vital part of a strong local economy and community.

I will fight against any effort to destroy our quality of life at the local level by promoting “Smart Growth”. Every project must be evaluated for it’s impact on the comprehensive plan, local tax base and our enviornment.

Affordable Housing

The cost of housing at the local level has gotten ridiculous. Many working families in Saraosta County are struggling to pay their rent or purchase a home.

I will look to cut unnecessary regulations, such as specific density limits, that are increasing rent or home prices. I will also look to engage experts in affordable housing to find ways we can creatively generate more inventory and drive down costs.

River Road

I moved to Sarasota County in 2006 and I vividly remember citizens describing the need to widen and raise River Road. Yet it hasn’t been done. 

I will work nonstop with my contacts in the State House, State Senate, and Governors office in Tallahassee to finally get this project over the finish line!

My Goal Is To Help Make Sarasota County The #1 County In America To:

Live & Raise

Sarasota County is incredible and I cannot imagine a better place to live in America. From our beaches to our people, we are truly blessed.

However – even though we have a great community, I believe we can always do better.

To achieve that goal,  Sarasota County must be laser focused on developing great schools & teachers, a safe community, and a local economy that helps make our area the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Work & Succeed

I believe local government must do what it can to get out of the way and ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to secure a good paying job, start a business or grow an existing business.

We can do this by keeping taxes low and making sure you keep more of your hard-earned money. I also believe that we must reign in unnecessary government spending & cut bureaucratic red tape. This will help establish Sarasota County as a pro-business area that welcomes new business & grows existing businesses.

Retire & Enjoy

You don’t have to look around too hard to realize that we have a lot of retirees and visitors in Sarasota County. Many of these individuals work their entire lives to be able to move or travel to this area and they are an important part of our local community, culture, economy & tax base.

In return, they expect clean beaches & nice parks, a safe community,local amenties, efficent & responsive government, and a pro-business environment that supports their needs.

My Main Motivation

My wife & I are a working class family raising two incredible daughters in Sarasota County.  We drop them off at school each day of the week, usually cut it close for dance class on Saturdays and we make sure to spend every Sunday enjoying our amazing community.

My family is the main motivation for me wanting to serve my community. They are the reason why I fight to ensure that I shape a better Sarasota County for today and tomorrow.


My career has been a mix of public and private sector experience. From overseeing important issues such as Veterans’ Affairs policy in the halls of Congress & public safety in the State House, to growing a company from a concept to a mature business right here in Sarasota County, I’ve been fortunate to have had a lot of incredible experiences. And during those experiences, I’ve learned a lot from the successes and even more so from the struggles.


My career has been a mix of public and private sector experience. From overseeing important issues such as Veterans’ Affairs policy in the halls of Congress & public safety in the State House, to launching a successful start-up company right here in Sarasota County.

Looking back, I’ve been fortunate to have not only had a lot of experiences, but I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from the successes and struggles of those experiences.

My Principles & Positions

I am a common sense, honest and straight talk fiscal & limited government conservative. I believe in smart growth and a local government that never forgets who they work for – The People.

I’m not running to represent lobbyists and special interests, but instead, I will serve to ensure that Sarasota County is better off – today and tomorrow – for my family and your family. We will do this by making Sarasota County the #1 County in America to raise a family, secure a good paying job, start a business and yes, retire and enjoy our beautiful beaches.

I look forward to meeting you in the coming months as I work to earn your vote and the opportunity to represent you on the Sarasota County Commission.

Ways You Can Get Involved & Help:

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